Thank you for all your support

My mother died last week and I need to return to my province to attend the burial of my mother.
I struggling with my financial that time. Luckily my colleague and my company gave me some money to buy my ticket and also for the expenses.

I am grateful for them because they never left me behind, they are there to offer their help when I need them.
They pray for my family and the soul of my late beloved mother.
Thank you so much for all your help financially and prayers for my family.


My deepest condolence to you Hugo. I know it’s not easy to lose our love one all I can say to you is surrender to God and He will heal you from your pain.
Remember life here in this human world is not permanent.
I know yours is happy right now together with our heavenly Father.

Condolence to your family Hugo, It may be painful and sad.
but life is teaching us very important lessons.
Everything has an end and we have to accept the fact with a grateful heart to our creator.
Your mother did not disappear for no good reason.
Its just that, she now finds her rest in God’s arms, with a complete healing.
She is now in peace and happy.