Thank God for everything

I would like to share my short testimony to everyone.
Last year was the worst year for me since, my Mom died. It broke me so much.
I was about to give up but God show me the reason that I don’t have the reason to give up because I have a lot of responsibilities and my family needs me.

God reminded me that no matter what happen when things are not align to our plan, He’s plan is greatest than ours.

Even if life’s trials keep pulling you down, always remember that God is ready to support you. He can help you even when you are in the middle of a chaotic situation. You can rely on the Lord!


Amen! It is indeed a beautiful and grateful sentiment to thank God for everything in our lives.Recognizing and expressing gratitude for the blessings, both big and small, fosters a deeper appreciation for His love, provision, and guidance. Whether it is for the joys and successes or the challenges and lessons, offering thanks to God is an act of humility, acknowledging His sovereignty and the abundance of His grace. Let us continue to cultivate a heart of gratitude and express our thankfulness to God in all circumstances.

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