Surrender all to God

For everyone, let God be the one who judges the person who used you, is humble, and doesn’t harbor anger towards others, it’s not you who has sinned, they are the ones who sinned against God.

Right, I’ve known so many attitudes like the back fighter, do not waste your time on that kind of person. You have your own life to face and instead make yourself busy, don’t listen to their nonsense instead surrender all to God.


Don’t waste your time with a person like that.
It will only drag you down, be surrounded by the people who will help you to lift up and help to reach your victory.
Help you to celebrate every little achievement that you had.

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Thank you @alessandro_claude for your advice.
It will be a big help to decide where or what I should do or who should I be with in the future.
Thank you so much!
God bless us all!

when we learned to surrender to God, everything in our lives went smoothly, although we can still encounter some problems we can make them a solution easily.
Since we know that God is with us, to help us, to ease our burdens.