Strength of my life

This song always reminds my past life and God reminds me that apart from him, I will not be like this, who I am right now. Because of my filthiness and my many sins, he hugged me because he is the only comforter in my life. This song also strengthen my spiritual life, especially my spiritual perspective, and this song will always remain in my heart I am not ashamed to say that God is like nothing indeed!


It’s my first time hearing this song.
This is meaningful.
Thank you for sharing this song.

I believe that God is my strength and also y everything.
Because I am weak without God in my life.
He is my source of everything that I have right now.

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Amen! Praise God,Thank you Cornelia_Nosbisch for a Wonderful and Graceful Experience.God give the Strength to the weary and the one who believe and him will bless.

This song is so beautiful, I was at a point in my life where I wanted to give up, I was sitting in my car when I heard this song.
I never thought that at the point in my life that I wanted to give up, he came and knocked on my heart.
He gave me a reason to continue in life.