Stand still in order to get moving to where GOD wants you to go

Sometimes, in the stillness of waiting, we find the strength to move exactly where God wants us to be. Life often presents us with moments of pause, where we’re asked to stand still and have faith, even when it feels like we should be in motion.

During these times of waiting, trust that God is orchestrating the perfect timing for your journey. It’s in these quiet moments that He’s aligning the pieces of your life, preparing you for the path ahead. Just as a bowstring is drawn back before the arrow takes flight, your standing still is part of the divine preparation.

So, embrace this season of stillness with patience and an open heart. It’s a time for reflection, growth, and deepening your connection with God. When the moment is right, you will move forward with purpose and clarity, guided by His divine plan. Your life is a beautiful unfolding story, and every chapter, even the moments of stillness, is a crucial part of the journey.


Indeed, there are times in life when it’s crucial to stand still, be patient, and trust in God’s plan. Just like a ship anchored in a harbor needs to remain steady before setting sail, we too may need to pause, reflect, and seek God’s guidance before moving forward. Standing still doesn’t mean giving up; it means having faith that God has a purpose for your life and is preparing you for something greater. Trust in His timing, and when the moment is right, you’ll set sail toward the destination He has in store for you.

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Sometimes, standing still is the first step in God’s grand plan for your life. Trust in His timing and divine guidance, for in those moments of stillness, you are preparing for the incredible journey He has in store for you. Your faith will guide you toward the path He has chosen, where you’ll move with purpose toward your destined destination.