Spending our weekend to the charity

Since the weekend is coming, we have nothing to do. My friend and I decided to go to a charity to help the elder, like making food for the children and helping them to clean their rooms, and also teaching them to read.

We were doing this once a month since it is our goal to help elder and needy people
sometimes we raised funds to help them.
May the Lord will always Guide them and protect them.


You are a good example to us @sorce_russell , may you continue to do your good well, and may the Lord will always bless you and your friend with abundant blessings and good health. to help more needy people.

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Great Job @sorce_russell , may you continue to do your good deed. All I can help with you is to pray to God. may the Lord will guide and protect you against danger and harm. And also shower His blessings on you and your friends.

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Thank you @ everyone for all your complement.
Anyway we can’t do this without the guidance of our God.
Thanks to God for all His blessings and guidance that we can share to other as well.