Sometimes It's hard to keep going, but Trust God

Dear God, sometimes it’s hard for us to keep going. We see a little bit down the road but you can see around every curve. Help us to realize that a delay is not a denial. A delay is your divine protection. You know when conditions are right. You can see the bigger picture. You know where every door and path leads. Help us to trust you with all our heart and lean not our own understanding. Today, we surrender our footsteps and our plans to you. We pray for patience, wisdom, and sensitive ear and heart to hear and feel the promptings of the Holy Spirit when we’re making life decisions. Even we we’re afraid and we don’t know how we’ll keep going, we will trust you. May our hope come alive and our doubt become silent. In Jesus Name. Amen.


Amen! May God will always guide us and protect us wherever we go and also gives us wisdom and knowledge so that we can fulfill our goals.

Keep going and Trusting God no matter what you encounter in this life.
God is always there for us to lend His hands, to help us to overcome those difficulties.

Keep going no matter what we’ve been through.
Trust God in everything.
Because God’s plan is the best for us.