So because of His love, I am here to continue to forgive and love

Way back in 2013, my parents got divorced. And as the firstborn, it was a big adjustment for me.
At first, I thought I was okay with the divorce. I don’t mind anything. The only way I coped with the situation was to entertain myself by having fun with my friends and food.
I really neglected myself because I didn’t even know how to love myself. My heart is full of anger towards my parents, especially my mom.
I can’t accept the situation as it really is and nothing will change.

Until I didn’t notice that I was so burdened by what I was going through that I couldn’t move forward in my life. I’m looking for love that can fill me up because I can’t get the love I need from my parents. My heart was full of anger, bitterness, pride, and unforgiveness.

But the Lord changed all that. It is true that there is no hard heart that God cannot soften. So because of His love, I am here to continue to forgive and love. Because of his grace, I accepted our situation. Freed and continues to be freed by the Lord. God is good.
We just need to be weak to see His strength.


Nothing can compare to the Love of God.
Keep trusting in Him no matter how big the waves your facing.
God is there to help you to face those waves and help you to get out of that situation.
God is our strength always Trust His divine power.