Signs That Angels Are In Your House (Updated List)

I would like to share this video that helps us to know that angels are with us or in our house.
You know what I live alone but I never feel afraid of anything since I know that the angels of the Lord are always with me.
That is why we don’t need to be afraid because God is with us. He sent His angels to guard us.


I came to the point that I asking God that He will send His angels and I would like to see it in myself.
I’m just curious what they are look like. :blush:
I know it’s impossible.


If I were given a chance to see an angel, I want to ask if my loved ones who passed away were in heaven. Or have they seen them in heaven? If there were visiting hours in heaven to bond with them again, I would surely make time to visit them. I hope they are with God now and they are already in peace.

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I wish that too! I want to visit my grandmother and grandfather in heaven. If there will be a way I am going to do everything just to see them again! I miss them so much.