Should Christians listen to secular music?

After I converted to Christian I don’t have any desire to listen to secular music.
It’s because Christian music is one of my ways to ease my worries and anxiety, it helps me a lot to get closer to God and know Him more.

By the grace of God I avoid to listen the secular music.


When I liked the lyrics of the song I was listening to, but if I knew the meaning of the song was different, I wouldn’t have listened to it, because that depends on us because we all know that everything has a limit, if it’s good for us, let’s keep playing it, but if we know let’s say that is not good for us then let it go, stop listening to that.

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We should avoid listening to secular music that will cause us spiritual damage in our life.
Sometimes secular music is not good in fluence to us.
Even when I tried to listen to secular music, I don’t understand its meaning.
It’s weird for me.