Sharing this playlist of Don Moen

It’s stress-free whenever I listen to Christian songs. The worries about life’s problems disappear. The mind relaxes. Life is quiet and happy and the heart is full of gratitude and praise to God.


I love all the songs of Don Moen.
The lyrics have a lot of impact on me and it also full of meaning.
All his music is about praising God.
Let’s praise God together.


One of my favorite song form Don Moen is “GOD WILL MAKE A WAY” every time I feel pressure in my work I played this song It helps me to calm my nerve and give me peace of mind because I know God will make a way for the things that I worried about.
God will be there to make a way for me to all the battles that I am facing.
Praise God!

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Love this playlist especially the last song Give thanks, it reminded me that we should be grateful to God for all we had right now even in the smallest thing that we receive, it’s all thanks to God.

Fav singer together with his family. I love the way they deliver the song and how they made the song to praise God.
Thank you so much Sir Don Moen for being my inspiration as a Christian.
I love all your songs.
More beautiful music please. :blush:

I am an avid fan of Don Moen since I love every song he made.
The lyrics and the meaning of the song are fantastic.

I love listening to praise and worship songs since it nice in my ears.
I felt like all the anxiety and worries disappeared.