Seeking God's presence continually

“Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually!”
1 Chronicles 16:11

Seeking God’s presence continually. It implies a constant awareness and desire for a deep and abiding relationship with God. Seeking His presence involves acknowledging His nearness, inviting Him into every area of life, and cultivating a heart of worship and devotion.

It encourages a life characterized by seeking and cultivating a vibrant relationship with God, acknowledging His power and desiring His nearness in all circumstances.


Set aside dedicated time each day to communicate with God through prayer. Share your joys, concerns, and desires, and listen attentively for any guidance or wisdom that may come.


Take time to reflect on the goodness and beauty around you, expressing thanks to God for His provisions and grace. Trust your intuition and find practices that align with your beliefs and bring you closer to a sense of divine connection.

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seeking God’s presence continually is about cultivating an ongoing relationship with the divine. It involves aligning one’s thoughts, actions, and intentions with a desire to be in communion with God throughout the day, seeking His guidance, and being receptive to His presence.