Seeking God first in everything you do

Seeking God first in everything you do is rooted in many religious teachings. It encourages individuals to prioritize their relationship with our God and align their actions, decisions, and intentions with their faith.

Placing God at the forefront of one’s life involves nurturing a deep and intimate relationship with our God. It includes regular prayer, meditation, and spiritual practices that foster connection, communion, and intimacy with God.

Seeking God first encourages individuals to find balance and harmony in their lives. It involves prioritizing spiritual well-being alongside other important aspects such as relationships, work, and personal responsibilities, recognizing that a holistic approach to life is essential for overall well-being.

Remember seeking God first is a personal and ongoing journey that may manifest differently for each individual. It requires intention, devotion, and a willingness to continually deepen one’s relationship with the divine.


Begin your day with prayer and quiet reflection, inviting God into your thoughts and actions. Seek His guidance, wisdom, and strength for the day ahead. Set aside time for meditation, allowing yourself to be still and listen for His voice.


Before making important decisions, consult God through prayer. Seek His guidance and wisdom to make choices that align with His purpose for your life. Consider how your decisions may impact others and seek to honor God in all that you do.


Acknowledge that God is the ultimate authority and surrender control of your life to Him. Trust that His plans are greater than your own and submit your desires, dreams, and ambitions to His will. Seek His guidance and ask for His direction in all areas of your life.

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seeking God first is a continuous process and requires intentional effort. As you practice this principle, you may experience a greater sense of peace, clarity, and purpose in your life. Trust in God’s faithfulness and seek His presence in all that you do.