Seek God's favor through Christ

In Christ, you have an advocate and a mediator who stands before the Father on your behalf.
Embrace this unique opportunity to approach God with confidence, knowing that your sins are forgiven and your soul is made pure through His sacrifice.

In seeking God’s favor through Christ, you align your heart with His divine will. Allow His teachings to guide you, His example to inspire you, and His love to fill you. As you walk this path, you’ll find that His favor brings peace, joy, and an enriched sense of purpose to your life.

Through Christ, you can experience the incredible blessings of a restored relationship with God. So, approach His throne with humility and faith, and let His favor shine upon you as a beacon of hope and transformation.


It encourages believers to live in accordance with Christ’s principles of love, compassion, and service, thereby drawing closer to God’s favor.

It encourages individuals to turn to their faith for guidance, support, and a deeper connection with our God.