Salute to all breadwinners you all have a golden heart

Salute to all breadwinners you all have a golden heart.

No one knows what is the sacrifice of the breadwinners. The others can’t eat anymore, because they have to leave early for work. Tired from work, from the trip, from the working environment, and staying awake.
I am proud of you because you don’t complain, you do all things for your love ones.


Sending hugs and love to all breadwinners who are like me, even if you don’t have anything and you’re tired but you have to act and keep going because someone is waiting for you.

But all your tiredness when you see them work hard and help themselves, all the tiredness disappears. It is replaced by joy.

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Being a breadwinner can be a challenging and demanding role, requiring dedication, commitment, and sacrifice. It’s a responsibility that should be appreciated and recognized. So, to all breadwinners out there, thank you for your hard work and dedication to your families. Your efforts are truly invaluable and deserve recognition.