Rising again and returning to the Lord

I am one of the media in our church. I am active in all activities in our church, but I didn’t realize that the real reason why I was in the ministry was gone, I prioritized the ministry over my relationship with the Lord. So I came to this point, that I was drained too much, at this time while I was typing I was crying so much, not crying because of emotion but longing for the presence of God, I admit that I neglected my first love which our Lord God and at this time I really begged for forgiveness from the Lord and he accepted me freely. I realized that the Lord does not want to be good and active in the ministry, but to spend in His presence, the ministry is just a bonus because that is the result of my love for Him.

Glory to God. :slight_smile:

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You know what sometimes we don’t return to God if
nothing bad will happen to our love ones.
But to your story, you return to God because you to find your purpose. And God helps you find it.
I am hoping that someday I can find my purpose in this world.