Returning to God

At the age of 15 yrs old I’m lost, I am a disobedient child to my parents.
I ruined my life until I got to the point of having a child at the age of 16 yrs old. Maybe I wouldn’t have realized that what I was doing was wrong if that hadn’t happened to me.
I return to my family, I am ashamed of what I did, and I ask their forgiveness.
I didn’t expect that they accepted me despite all the mistakes that I did to them.

From the moment that they accepted me, I promise myself that I want to change and take care of my child.
I converted to Christian Church from there I learned a lot, from the word of God. It changes me a lot. Now I’ve been a Christian, and now I can say that I’m safe/saved because of JESUS ​​CHRIST.

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I am happy about your changes Linda.
Truly nothing is impossible with God when we learn to surrender to Him.
Because despite our mistakes God accepted us and forgives us because He loves us and cares for us.
May you continue believing in God.