Returning to God and become His follower

I know Jesus only by his name and didn’t even bother to please and know Him. I don’t go to church or even prayed at night.
But you know how well he works in my Life.
I was ashamed and can’t even speak the moment I meet Him.
He will indeed give you a test that seems impossible and the only way who can help and give you strength is HIM…

My mom was diagnosed last year with stage 4 pancreatic cancer that moment I’m still in shock at what the doctor told me until I saw my mom smile and I said she wants to go home I cried so much that almost no tears came out.
I prayed and prayed that God will give me this strength.
My mom suffered for almost a year and died, it was the most horrible and darkest moment of my life but at the same time, that’s the most memorable moment since that was the time I MEET JESUS…
Now whatever I do I prayed and all give thanks to OUR LORD JESUS ​​CHIRST. …

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