Recovering from my Mental health

I a have mental health this past few months, One night I feel like my mind went blank, I can’t sleep at night and i can’t focus to the things I’m doing. Then One day my friend suggested me to consult a Psychiatric which I followed her suggestion. Thanks to her now I am fully healed, and Thank you also to my psychiatric.


Thank God, It’s a good news for you.Thank God for healing miracle for you.

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thank you for your prayer Carmine :heart:

Thank God you are now healed. I am sending love and hugs to you. I am happy about your recovery. I know it is not easy for you; you are such a strong person.

I am happy about your recovery, May starting from now on, you’re going to have a beautiful and healthy life. God bless you always.

I am happy for your recovery, and May god guides you to your next journey.

I am happy for you that you recovered your mental health,
Nothing is impossible with our God, for he is the best healer. May god guide you always.