Receiving unexpected help from my friend

While I was cleaning our house, I didn’t expect my friend offers some help, well because he is a lazy person :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: that’s true he didn’t even wash the glass after he use it.

Well, I am thankful for his help because I finished cleaning my house without any difficulty.
I am hoping that he continues to do that. I am hoping that he will be hardworking since he is getting old.
So that when he had his own family, it is not hard for him to do basic things for the need of his family.


It’s good to your friend that he is changing himself slowly. And He realized that laziness is not good for him :rofl: :v:

Finally, God bless your friend with diligence in life :rofl:
Anyway I am happy about his changes, and I hope he can continue to a diligence