Receiving God's grace and love during pandemic

The pandemic became a big trial for my family because apart from the fact that we had to close our business, my wife was about to give birth. Although they did not earn much when they started doing online business, we remained faithful in giving to the work of the Lord.

Because of that we survive that pandemic and my wife give birth to a healthy child. We are grateful to God because He keeps us away from that pandemic. He gives us good health and His love and grace.


Amen! A lot of things happen to us during pandemic but with God’s protection and guidance we overcome those trials.
We should thank God for His mercy and grace that He give to us.

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Although there are a lot of things that happen to us during a pandemic, because of the grace and love of God that we receive. He keeps us away from that viruses.
Thank you Lord god for being our shield during that time.

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