Reason for Maui Fire

The first believable reason for the Maui fire I have heard so far is that the governor has been putting all the island’s taxes towards solar and wind power generating systems and neglected to maintain the electrical power lines and the vegetation around them, which resulted in the storm winds damaging the power lines and sparking the fire.

Manmade global warming is one lie in a list of Darwinian Atheist cult science based lies that began with the anti-Christian scientists in Europe fabricating the “Geological Column” lie in order to counter the scientists that pointed out that the 1-5 miles of sedimentary layers they learned we live on are proof the flood in the Bible occurred and that the Bible is true. The anti-Christian scientist started the lie that the 1-5 miles of sedimentary layers we live on were laid one at a time veritically over millions of years and the separated fossils found in them represent different ages in the evolution of mankind.

The anti-Christian Darwinian Atheist cult scientists continue to teach this lie in the face of the fact that flume experiments and the study of flood sedimentation proved that the 1-5 miles of sediments we live on are made up of consecutive groups of sediments of the same kind, called Facies, that separated in accordance to particle size and weight as they were eroded and redeposited in a single flood event.

The truth is that when the canopy of water, which the Bible says surrounded our atmosphere and caused the entire earth to have a tropical climate, dissipated in the worldwide flood, this caused the ice packs to begin to form at the furthest points from the sun.

The cloud cover that ancient historcal texts substantiate existed after the worldwide flood allowed the ice packs to grow as far south as northern US.

When the preflood tropical oceans cooled to the temperature they are today the cloud cover lifed and the ice packs began to melt very quickly and gradually slowed to the rate of melting we see today as the icelines receded northward toward the colder temperatures.

As the ice lines receded northward deserization began in many places throughout the earth, including in southwestern US. The ancient shore line of Salt Lake reveals that it used to be 450 feet deep in comparision to only being 15 feet deep today.

The fact that the canopy of water that surrounded our earth dissipated means that the earth will never return to it’s pre-flood tropical climate and the ice packs will never completely melt.

The fact that we see the ice packs thicken and thin differently in the same places from year to year tells us that the jet streams, which are effected by these ice line changes, will change position like an amoeba changes shape and this will cause our weather to change accordingly.

In face of the fact that the Progressive Communist’s running Maui neglected the power lines because they are pushing the Darwinian Atheist cult science based lie that global warming is manmade, in the face of the fact that it has been proven to be cult science, renders them criminally neglegent and responsible for causing the fire in Maui and the resulting deaths and property damage.