Put your whole trust in the Lord with all your heart

If your trust in the Lord is complete and you know you are in the right place, you will never worry about the outcome of your decisions.
And always remember that everything has a price, whether it’s good or bad.
So before we do something bad, let’s think about what the consequences will be, for us and our families.


Trusting in the Lord with all our hearts requires surrendering our own understanding, relinquishing control, and relying on His wisdom and sovereignty. It involves seeking Him in prayer, studying His Word, and cultivating a personal relationship with Him. As we put our whole trust in the Lord, we can experience His guidance, strength, and peace in all areas of our lives.

Absolutely! Putting our whole trust in the Lord with all our hearts is a vital aspect of our relationship with Him. It reflects a deep faith and reliance on God’s guidance, provision, and wisdom.