Praying for everyone's silent battles

Praying for everyone’s silent battles. I know it’s not that easy to overcome with our strength and capability as humans. Only God can heal us and be our strength. May this burden, and the pain will be healed.

Whatever pain you felt right now may all be healed with the divine power of our God.
I know it’s not easy to move forward and it’s not easy to forget but all we need to do is to get up and get ready for the next chapter in our life.


Thank you for the prayer@Jill.
I will also pray for you may God will blessed you with good health and guide you and wherever you go.
God bless you always!

I will also pray for you@Jill may God will always guard you and bless you with His abundant blessings.
God bless you may you continue to be a blessing to everyone and pray to everyone.
Thank you so much!