Praying for Daughter Sophia 🙏

My daughter Sophia has autism symptoms. At first, I wondered why she couldn’t talk since she was now three years old. Then I decided to bring her to a doctor for a check-up. The doctor said she has autism; I don’t know why it broke my heart to think about it for my daughter—praying for a miracle for her. Thank you :blush:


A daughter is a precious gift from God, I am praying for her recovery, May god gives her a miracle power. God bless you.

I am praying for your lovely daughter. I know God can Give her a miracle healing, Trust god, and have faith in him. Everything is impossible.

I am praying for you and your daughter Sophia; I know she is a brave girl to fight this battle. I am praying for healing and miracle; I know God is always there to guide her in every step of her journey.

I am praying for your daughter Sophia, Be strong for her because you are the only person with that she can get her strength. God bless you

This I will include in my prayer, I know you are a strong mother, Trust God for everything, for he is our source of strength.