Prayer to heal from cancer

Lord, you know the challenges I am facing as I battle cancer. I ask for your strength to endure the physical and emotional strains this illness brings. Please grant wisdom to my doctors and healthcare providers, guiding them in making the right decisions for my treatment.

I pray for your healing touch to be upon me. Just as you performed miracles in the lives of those who sought you during your time on Earth, I believe in your power to heal me now. Please, Lord, remove the cancerous cells from my body and restore me to full health.

In the midst of this trial, help me find comfort and peace in your peace in your presence. Ease my anxieties and fears, replacing them with a steadfast trust in your plan. Surround me with your love and the support of my family, friends, and community.

Above all, may your will be done in my life. Whether through healing or through the challenges I face, help me to glorify you and find purpose in this journey. Amen.


May the peace of God flow through you, easing pain and discomfort. Grant you the resilience to overcome the hurdles that cancer brings and the patience to endure the journey of your recovery.


May God surround His love and let his healing power shine upon you. May His grace and mercy sustain you, lifting your spirit and guiding you towards wellness.