Prayer to have a right direction for myself

Please pray for me to keep waking up every day. I am so lost. Hurt. Alone. I lost my family last year since I am an only child. I don’t know where I can start again :sob: I have lost everything and everyone meaningful in my life. Please pray that I can keep my head and heart clear enough to figure out the correct path to get past this. Please pray for me. Thank you.


Praying for you, May god give you guidance and healing. Have faith in our God, and God bless you always.

I pray that God gives you strength and guidance. Don’t lose hope, and keep fighting for every battle that comes into your life. God bless you, Marek.

You are not alone, and God is always there for you to guide you at all times. I pray that you get through these trials. Be strong and keep fighting. I am always praying for you.

Don’t lose hope. Know that God is always there for you. He will always guide you in the new life you will face. Praying for God’s guidance for you.