Prayer to get closer to God

A lot of things are happening in my life right now.
Some are my choices.
I felt like everything is not aligned with what I wanted or plan.
I always pray at night. I always talk to God. But I still feel distant from Him. I talk to Him but it seems like I never listened to what He is telling me. I’m lost right now and I want to be closer to you, my God. Embrace me Oh Lord. Make me feel better. Talk to me and I promise this time, I will listen. You are faithful and I will trust you with all my heart.
Thank you!!

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Keep praying, it’s one of our way to get closer to God, never get tired of talking to Him.
Also one of my way to get closer to God is listening worship song, attending to church doing some church activities.

I will pray for you Queenie, may the Lord God guide you or lead you to His Kingdom.