Prayer to be free from addiction

Lord, I come before you with a heavy heart, seeking your strength and guidance as I strive to overcome my addiction. I acknowledge that this struggle has taken a toll on my life and those around me. I am ready to break free from its grip and experience the freedom and peace that only you can provide.

Lord, I confess my weakness and surrender my addiction to you. I ask for your forgiveness for the times I have faltered and the moments I have lost control. Please cleanse me, heal me, and renew my spirit.

Fill this empty spaces within me with your love and purpose. Let your presence be my refuge when I feel weak, and let your light guide me out of the darkness that addiction has cast upon my life. Amen.


May God grant the ability to forgive yourself for your past mistakes and to move forward with hope and optimism. Fill His love and light, helping you to replace the emptiness you’ve felt with a sense of purpose and connection.


I pray for your healing, may God grant you the courage to face your addiction help you find the strength to resist temptations and the determination to persevere even when the journey is tough.

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May God help you can break free from the bonds of addiction and emerge stronger and healthier.
I keep praying for your speedy recovery.