Prayer Requested

I could use some prayer . Life has been a struggle for just over a year now . I guess I have struggled with depression for many years … I have always prayed and had faith in God and attend church regularly for the most part .

Last year , the new landlord of the place I felt at home kicked me out due to my mental health . I was homeless and my own family here in town left me on my own . I found a low income apartment that was cold throughout last winter . I didn’t want to be there another winter . The new property company that took over the new place said they hadn’t been receiving my rent check in the mail . I find myself homeless again .

I keep praying for a place to go home to but the only housing available for low income is not that great . I did get part time work at out airport … it is not ideal in terms of hours and pay rate . I feel like I can do more work … I have a college degree and I am pretty smart to figure things out ( due to my aspergers / autism ) .

I don’t know if I’ll ever afford a place to go home to … I’m really tired of being alone here and low income too with nothing much to do .

I’ve had some ideas here … but I am not sure if my ideas are exactly relevant or maybe go against how the church seems to function these days .

Dear God, please help Jordan. Give him grace and peace that transcends all understanding. He’s gone through a lot but despite that, I know You are with him. Even when others have, You oh God do not forsake us. Please help him as he tries to overcome these challenges. Please strengthen him and give him hope and a future.
In Jesus name, Amen.