Prayer of Healing from Cancer

I pray for your healing touch to be upon my body, mind, and soul. May God remove all cancerous cells from your body and restore you to a state of optimal health. I also pray for the wisdom of the medical professionals treating you, that they may make the best decisions for your care.

May God comfort and support your loved ones who may be experiencing fear and worry. Surround them with God’s love and provide them with the strength to support you during this journey.
In Jesus Name. I pray. Amen.


I pray for healing of your body, mind, and spirit. May God guide and strengthen you as you go through medical treatments, therapies, and all that is necessary for your recovery. May God give the wisdom and skill of the medical professionals caring for you, and for their decisions and treatments to be guided by His wisdom. Amen.

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Thank you, Lord, for your unfailing love, grace, and mercy. I trust in your healing power and commit myself to your care. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

May God’s healing touch be upon your body, mind, and soul. May any cancer cells be eradicated, and may your body be restored to health and wholeness. I pray for the side effects of treatment to be minimized, and for your body to respond positively to the medical interventions.

also pray for your emotional well-being, that you may find comfort and peace in the midst of uncertainty and fear. May you be surrounded by a supportive community that offers love, encouragement, and prayers during this time. I pray for your spiritual strength, that your faith may be a source of comfort and hope, providing you with inner peace and resilience.