Prayer for the healing of my Cousin's Cancer

I humbly ask your prayers for my cousin who is suffering from stage 3 bone cancer. He is always in the hospital for his chemotherapy, and I know it’s painful for him. Pray that the Lord will perform miraculous healing for him and give him the strength that he needs to ease the pain. I know nothing is impossible with God. I am hoping for his recovery and healing.
Thank you so much!

This is sad to read now. I hope that your cousin will recover from cancer. May chemotherapy will be the instrument used by God to heal your cousin. There is no impossible in the Lord, and He will heal all sick we need to believe in his miracles. Prayers also help to heal sick people. God bless you and your cousin.

I am sorry to hear… I will pray for him!

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thank you so much for your prayer @Chloe. I’ll appreciate this :heart: . may the Lord will bless you with His abundant blessings.