Prayer for the Forgiveness and Faith for My Family

I lost my faith because of what happened to us this past year. Only problems came into our lives then. My mom always got sick. My brother had a motorcycle accident. Honestly, I blamed God, then. Why did that happen to us?
But now that I have my own family, I want to go back and serve the Lord with my family. I want my children to grow up fearing the Lord and having strong faith. But I don’t know how to start.
I want to ask the Lord for forgiveness for all the sins I have committed against him.
Pray for us that we can return to the church.
Thank you so much!

Abba Father,

So loving, so kind faithful art thou oh God, there’s none like you. Your Father to all of us. God when Jesus died on the cross, He paved the way for us to be reconciled back to you. Though there are times we are backslidden you are there with open arms waiting for us so that You may restore us when we fall short when we lose our way and lose hope because of the curveballs that have been thrown by life. I come on behalf of this prayer request that you will restore this sister’s entire family back to you God, all they have to do is confess and believe as before. You have never given up on them. Thank you for receiving them. Thank you for having them back! Thank you that they are believers once again into the kingdom of God, you have restored them in Jesus name I pray. Amen.