Prayer for the Direction

I feel like I don’t have the right direction in my life. I am worried about this. Sometimes I’m hopeless and don’t dare to face my trials. Pray that the Lord will lead for what is meant for me. Pray that God gives me the courage to do all things right. Pray that I have a strong faith in the Lord.
Thank you much for your prayers.


Always seek God for everything you do. I am praying for you that may the Lord guides you in the right direction and protects you from evil.God bless you always.

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Thank you for the prayers @Raelyn

I will pray for you, and may the Lord will guide you in the right direction. Also, let God help you to face those trials, let God help you to build you to have a strong faith to be your armor when you are facing hardships.

I will pray for you may the Lord will always guide you. Seek God in everything because with God we can find hope. I will also pray that God gives you the courage to face the hindrances in your life.

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I am grateful for all your prayers.
May God bless you all of you!

I will pray for you, may the Lord will guide you to the right path and also protect from any harm and danger.
God bless you @ Tyrone