Prayer for my wife and our marriage

Please pray for my wife &our marriage. She struggles with severe anxiety from terrible childhood trauma. Her father abused her when she was a child.Pray also for healing. She has had health issues for the past several years. Pray that God gives her strength in these difficult times. It’s painful for me, as her husband, to see her situation like this. Pray that God gives me the courage to face these with my wife. Thank you so much


I am praying for your wife’s speedy recovery, May God lend His divine hand to your wife and give her a miraculous healing power for her illness. I am pryaing that God will bless your fammily with abundant blessing and shower His Love to your family.

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I am praying for your family, May the give his healing power to your wife for her recovery. And Bless your family with peace, love and joy. God bless and I am always praying for your family.

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Thank you for all your prayers everyone!. I am grateful for all your support to my family through prayers, it will be a big help for us.
God bless you!