Prayer for my Personal Healing

Pray for my health recovery. I have been diagnosed with stage 2 cancer. I am unsure what to do, but I know that the Lord understands everything about me. I believe that the Lord knows exactly what I need to bring me back to total health and strength, and I am trusting God in this time of illness in my life.
Please pray that God gives His healing to touch my life. Please that the Lord will guide me and provide the with strength
while I recover my health. Thank you so much


May the lord lend His divine hands to you and give you healing power. Don’t lose hope. Always believe and have faith in God. Nothing is impossible for our God. God bless you, Rosamaria. Keep on fighting.

I am praying for your fast recovery, May the Lord will gives you a healing power and lend his divine on you.And guide you always. God bless you.