Prayer for my health conditions

I am already 27 years old, but my health is not good. I still look like a 12 years old girl because of health conditions. I had had diabetes since when I was four years old. It is one of the causes that affect my growth. It is also the cause that I never get out of the house to make friends outside. I always stayed at our home. I am requesting a prayer to improve my health conditions. Thank you.


My sister also has a diabetics, and I feel pain whenever we need to send her to the hospital for her treatment. I am praying for your fast recovery.

I will include this in my prayer. May God give you healing and miracle power. God bless you always.

I know this is hard for you and your family. Keep on fighting :muscle: May god give a healing power and guide you always. God bless you

I am praying for your health improvement, and May god gives you a fast recovery and a healing power. God bless you