Prayer for my Depress Son

Pray for my son’s anxiety. I am so worried about my son. Things in his life have gotten worse. He felt pressure on his work, which seems hard on him. He became moody and depressed and didn’t see happiness in his eyes. Please pray that the Lord restores the joy he had as a younger man and helps him to overcome whatever is causing him these difficulties in life, Pray that the Lord allows him to be one that he can turn to and be confident in and give him the courage through his problems.
Pray that they give him strength and build him up until he becomes a mighty man of God. Thank you so much


May God bless your family. I am praying for your son. May the Lord give him a healing power to cure his illness. And also guide and give him strength in his journey. God bless your family.

May the Lord bring peace to your family. I am praying for your son. May God give him the strength to fight these battles in his life. Praying for his recovery, and may God always guide Him in the right direction. God bless your family.

“And he arose and rebuked the wind and said unto the sea, Peace be still. And the wind ceased and there was a great calm” Mark 4:39 KJV
May Jesus arise on behalf of your son and rebuke every storm around him such that there will be a great calm, in Jesus name we have prayed.