Prayer for my Anxiety and for my Family

These past few days, I have felt exhausted and stressed from thinking about my family problem. We lack money for my mother’s surgery. Since my mother is in the hospital and needs surgery for her eye cataract, she is already old enough for her surgery. Please pray for me to have the courage to support and take good care of my mother. Pray that the Lord help me through this day, this hour, and each moment as I lay every problem and worry before Him. I know the fact that the Lord love and cares for me. Please Pray that I will allow God to carry my burdens as He surrounds me with peace, joy, and contentment. Thank you so much

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I am praying for your mother’s fast recovery, May the lord give you the strength and surrender all your burdens to the Lord. Everything will be good. I will always praying for you. God bless you May.