Prayer Changes Everything

I would like to share my mother’s testimony before she died. She is been diagnosed with lung cancer since the year 2000, I was 6 years old at that time, but my mother is a prayer warrior, and God extended her until this year.
During this year we encounter a lot of hardship, especially financial problems but she always thinks positively and prayed to God that everything will be alright.
She didn’t give up easily, she always told me never to give up as long as you still breathing. God is with us He will be going to help us.

Sad to say that she is no longer with us, I know she suffers a lot during those years.
She passes away last February.
Mama wherever you are right now, please guide us.
You are forever in our hearts.
I love you and I miss you! :sob: :sob:

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Amen! It’s indeed an answered prayer.
Keep believing in God and serving Him, no matter what because He is also there for us when we need Him. He is always there to support us. Amen!