Pray to have wisdom in making the right decisions

Lord, I acknowledge that there are many choices and decisions that lie before me. In the face of uncertainty, I ask for Your wisdom to illuminate the path ahead. Grant me clarity of thought and discernment as I navigate through the options before me.

Please help me to see beyond the immediate circumstances and consider the long-term consequences of my decisions. Guide me in making choices that align with Your will and bring glory to Your name.

In moments of confusion or doubt, quiet my mind and open my heart to hear Your still, small voice. Speak to me through Your Holy Spirit, offering wisdom, insight, and revelation.

I surrender my own desires and preferences to You, recognizing that Your plans are higher and more perfect than my own. Help me to be humble and willing to accept Your direction, even if it may differ from my initial thoughts.

Grant me the courage to step out in faith, trusting in Your guidance, even when the path ahead seems uncertain. Help me to rely not on my own understanding but on Your wisdom, knowing that You will make my paths straight.

Thank You, Lord, for the promise that when we lack wisdom, we can ask of You, and You will generously give it to us. I receive Your wisdom with gratitude and commit to follow it with obedience. Amen.


I surrender my plans and desires to you, trusting that your wisdom surpasses my own. Open my eyes to new possibilities and help me recognize the paths that align with your purpose for my life. Grant me the wisdom to choose wisely and the strength to follow through.

Thank you, loving God, for your infinite wisdom and for hearing my prayer. I place my trust in you and eagerly await the guidance you will provide. In your holy name, I pray. Amen.


Be patient and attentive, seeking to listen to God’s voice through His Word, promptings in your heart, and the counsel of wise and godly individuals.

As you pray for wisdom, continue to cultivate a personal relationship with God through regular prayer, Bible study, and seeking His presence. Trust that He will guide you and provide the wisdom you need as you seek to make decisions that align with His will.