Pray to have genuine relationship

Dear God, we come to you with open hearts and a desire for genuine relationship with you.
We know that you are always with us, but we want to feel your presence in our lives more deeply. Please help us to connect with in a meaningful way.

We pray that you will guide us on this journey and show us the way to a closer relationship with you. Help us to be open to your teachings, to listen to your voice, and to follow your will.

Please remove any barriers that may be blocking our connection with you.
May we be filled with your love and grace, and may we feel your presence in our lives every day.
Thank you for always being with us and for loving us unconditionally. We pray this In Jesus Name. Amen.


Lord, I pray that you would bless my relationships, and that they would be grounded in your love and grace. Help me to be patient and understanding, to forgive and to be forgiven, and to extend grace and mercy to those in my life.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.


Lord, I pray that you would give him the courage to be his authentic self in all his relationships. Help him to be open and transparent, to share his joys and struggles, and to receive and give love freely.

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