Pray to have a discernment and a strong faith in God

Lord, grant me the gift of discernment, that I may have clarity and understanding in the decisions I face and the paths I walk. Help me to discern your will and align my actions with your divine purpose.

Strengthen my faith, O Lord. In times of doubt and uncertainty, may my trust in you remain steadfast. Fill my heart with unwavering belief, knowing that you are with me always, guiding and protecting me.

Grant me the courage to surrender my own desires and plans to your divine wisdom. Help me to trust in your perfect timing, even when it may not align with my own expectations. Increase my faith, that I may rely on you completely and find peace in knowing that your plans for me are good.

Open my eyes, Lord, to see your presence in my life and the world around me. Grant me the grace to recognize your signs and to discern the path that leads me closer to you. Strengthen my spirit, that I may live in accordance with your teachings and shine your light in the world.

I humbly ask for discernment and a deepening faith, trusting that you hear my prayers and will guide me on the right path. I surrender my concerns and desires to your loving care, knowing that your will is perfect. Thank you, Lord, for your unfailing love and grace.
In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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Of course! I can help you with a prayer to seek discernment and strengthen your faith in God.

May God guide you to your right direction.
God bless you always.