Pray for the will of God to happen

Dear God, We come before you with open hearts and minds, seeking your divine will in our lives. We recognize that your wisdom surpasses our understanding, and we trust that your plans are always for our highest good. May your will be done in our lives and in the world around us.

Grant us the strength and courage to accept your will, even when it may be different from what we desire or expect. Help us to align our desires with your purpose and to find peace in knowing that you are in control.

Guide us Lord, in making decisions that align your perfect will. Give us clarity and discernment to recognize your guidance and to follow the path that you have laid out for us.

We pray for your will to be evident in our relationships, our work, our health, and all aspects of our lives. May we always seek your guidance and trust in your plan, knowing that you have a greater purpose for everything. Amen.


Just as a river flows in harmony with the landscape, let your prayers flow in harmony with His plans. Embrace the peace that comes with aligning your will with His, for in doing so, you walk in step with a purpose beyond measure.

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