Pray for the health of my family

May God grant my family good health, both physically and mentally. May they be free from sickness, disease, and all forms of harm.

I pray that God guide them to make choices that promote their well-being and keep them safe. Protect them from accidents, injuries, and illnesses.

May they have the strength and energy to fulfill their daily tasks and pursue their goals. May they experience love, joy, and peace in their hearts and minds.


I will pray for them, I ask God for their healing and protection for your family. I pray that God bless each member of your family with good health and strength.
May God keep them safe from harm, and protect them from any sickness or disease that may come their way.
In Jesus Name. I Pray. Amen!

May your family feel the loving presence of the Lord and know that He is with them always. May they find comfort and peace in His grace and mercy.

I pray that your family remains healthy and strong so that they can continue to love and support one another.