Pray for peace in our parent daughter relationship

Hello everyone, I just want to ask you some favor. I would to ask a prayer for my family.
We’re not in good with my parents right now due to some misunderstanding.

Please pray for us to have peace and reunite each other.
May God will shower His blessings and love to us.
Surround His light with my family so that all our misunderstandings will resolve.
Thank you so much and God bless!


Lord, fill their hearts with patience, kindness, and a willingness to bridge the gaps that may have formed. Help them to build a foundation of trust and a safe space for honest conversations. May the love that unites them be stronger than any disagreements or differences.

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We pray for healing, understanding, and an abundance of peace to envelop their relationship. Bless them with the wisdom to nurture their connection and create lasting memories together. May their relationship be a testament to the power of love and the restoration that can be found through your grace.

In your name, we pray for peace and harmony. Amen.