Pray for my pregnancy

Lord, I surrender my pregnancy to You. I ask for Your loving presence to surround me and my baby throughout this journey. Grant me good health, strength, and stamina to navigate the changes and challenges that come with pregnancy. Protect both me and my baby from harm, and guard us from any complications or dangers.

I pray for the well-being and development of my baby. May their growth be healthy and on track, according to Your perfect design. I ask that You provide everything necessary for their nourishment and protection within the womb. Help me to make choices that promote their well-being, both physically and spiritually.

Give me wisdom as I make decisions regarding my pregnancy and the upcoming birth. Guide me in choosing the right healthcare professionals and support system to walk alongside me during this time. Grant me peace in the face of any fears or anxieties that may arise, knowing that You are in control and that You hold both me and my baby in Your loving hands.

Lord, I pray for a safe and smooth delivery when the time comes. I ask for Your presence to be with me in the delivery room, granting the medical team wisdom and skill. May Your peace fill the room and surround my baby as they enter this world.

Above all, I commit this pregnancy into Your hands, trusting in Your perfect plan. May this child be a vessel of Your love and grace, destined to bring joy and blessings to our lives and to others.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.


I pray for a safe and smooth delivery when the times comes. I ask His presence to be with with you in the delivery room, providing the medical team with skill and wisdom. May His peace fill the room, and may the birth of your child be a joyous and blessed experience.

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Praying for the health and well- being of your baby. I ask God that He watch over the development, ensuring that every part of their little body is formed perfectly according to His design.
Grant your baby the strength to grow and thrive in the womb, and bless them with a long and healthy life.