Pray for my friend's health

I have a close friend, I treat her like my own family. She is Cherie she is now suffering from breast cancer. My heart hurt when I am seeing her suffering. May the Lord will give her a miracle healing power for her cancer. I know nothing is impossible with the divine power of the Lord.

Pray for her healing and recovery also pray that God gave her strength also to her husband may the Lord give him strength and good health while taking care of my friend.
Thank you so much!


I will pray for Cherie :pray:

I will pray for your friend Cherie, May the Lord will give her a healing power.
God bless!

I am praying for your friends heath recovery, may the Lord will give him a miracle healing.

Psalm 41:3

“The Lord sustains them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness.”

I will include this in my prayer. May the Lord will give her a healing power. I know God is our divine healer. Believe and Trust God’s divine healing power.