Pray for my father I hope he will stop drinking

Dear God,
Lord, I know that you are a loving God who cares deeply for us, and I ask that you extend your loving arms around my father.

Please help him to recognize the harm that his drinking is causing to himself and to those around him. I pray that you will give him the strength and courage to overcome this addiction and to turn his life around.

Lord, I also ask that you guide me in how best to support my father during this time. Help me to show him love and compassion, while also being firm in my resolve to see him get the help he needs.

I pray for your wisdom and guidance in all aspects of this situation. May your will be done, and may your love and grace be evident in all that we do. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.


I will pray for your father @Jacqueline_Charity May God touch his heart and guide him.
Same with my father he is also alcoholic.
May God guide them, to stop their alcoholic addiction.

I hope he will realized that drinking alcohol is not good for our health.
I will pray for your father, may God will touch him and give him knowledge that drinking alcohol is not good for him.
Also give him the light to his right path.