Pray for my deceased mom Rosita. Let her gain more peace in other side

Dear heavenly Father, In this sacred moment, I lift up my beloved mother Rosita, to your loving presence. I ask that you embrace her with your infinite compassion, grace, and peace.

May her soul find solace and rest in your divine presence. Release her from any burdens, pain, or suffering she may have carried in this earthly life. Grant her the ultimate peace that surpasses all understanding.

Please forgive any transgressions or shortcomings she may have experienced in her human journey. Embrace her with your boundless love and mercy, enveloping her in your divine light.

I pray for the eternal happiness and well-being of her soul. May she be surrounded by love, joy, and serenity in the spiritual realm. Let her spirit be free and unencumbered, journeying towards greater understanding and enlightenment.

I also ask for comfort and strength for myself and all those who mourn her passing. Help us find solace in the cherished memories we shared with her and grant us the resilience to navigate through our grief.
In your divine wisdom, please provide guidance and support to me and my family as we continue our earthly journey without her physical presence. May her memory be a source of inspiration and a reminder of the love and bond we shared.

I offer this prayer with profound gratitude for the gift of my mother’s life and the love she bestowed upon us. Thank you for the time we had together and for the lessons she taught us.

In your infinite love and mercy, I humbly offer this prayer, trusting that you will grant my mother, Rosita, everlasting peace and serenity in the realm beyond.



I will pray for you, may God give her peace and eternal life.
I also pray for your family, may God give you the power of healing and strength to overcome the pain that you felt right now.

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I’m sorry for the loss of your mother, Rosita. May God’s grace surround you, providing strength and healing as you navigate through the loss of your dear mother. May you find peace in knowing that she is at peace in the loving embrace of our Heavenly Father.